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JARBA Smart Drop Technology TM

A range of products that offers in-flight AUTOMATIC flexibility and control

The JARBA Rotating Boom Assembly range offers automatic operation and was designed to enable the pilot to make on-the-spot decisions for the best possible result available at the time of application.

JARBA combined with the Farmscan Airlink Flow Controller offers Auto Drop Control allowing automatic adjustments to nozzle angles and boom lengths in-flight - minimising drift, maximising efficacy and productivity.

The pilot simply programs the Airlink for the required droplet VMD (size) and nozzle tip size. When the pilot begins spraying JARBA and the Airlink will automatically adjust the nozzle angle to maintain a constant droplet size as the aircraft speed and environmental conditions change.

With JARBA the pilot can combat spray drift by adjusting to a shorter boom length and coarse droplets for spraying in sensitive areas and paddock boundaries and then adjust the boom length and droplet size back to maximise efficacy.

Feel free to use the Nozzle Calculator on this website. For all JARBA sales and service enquiries, please contact Combined Airwork, our Appointed Dealer.