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"Smokin" Sev Grima 
Jon Chaseling, Chief Pilot 
Heads up our capable team of Ag pilots. In his spare time, he restores and rides old motorbikes, and has taken up model plane flying. Tim Greenaway
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Chemical loading
Chemical loading
Thrush on spray run
Thrush pulling out of spray run

Cotton bush
Cotton bush

Aircraft Loading Facilities | Staff

Agricultural Aviation
Jones Air provides reliable and efficient aerial application of crop protection agents and fertilisers, seed and urea for agriculture in the St George, Dirranbandi and Cunnamulla regions. The bulk of this work is on irrigated crops. We also service the districts of Roma, Moonie, Condamine, Hebel and Walgett on dryland farms, mostly in the management of weeds.

The large capacity of the business in terms of aircraft, personnel and expertise allows us to undertake additional contracts in areas such as aerial fire fighting, mouse baiting, plague locust spraying, aerial mustering and other diverse services as the needs arise. Jones Air is subcontracted to AMR to apply dispersant in the event of an oil spill off the coastline. This contract requires a 24 hour standby at all times.

Our company also holds the area licence for the SASA Solids Suspension Boom. When fitted to our large Dromader turbine, we are able to apply finely ground rock based elements such as gypsum, lime, dolomite and trace elements in suspension form. This provides superior application with zero drift losses. Microbes and seed can also be incorporated in a one-pass operation. Rates of up to 400 kilograms per hectare are possible in one application.

For more information on Aerial Spraying, download a copy of AAAA's Brochure here.

Details of our fleet are set out in the table below. Please click on the individual images for larger pictures and additional information.

Click image for more info
click for more info AT-802 Air Tractor 1 Pratt & Whitney 1175 HP 135 Knots 3000 Litres
click for more info Ayres Turbine Thrush 3 Garrett 900 HP 125 Knots 1890 Litres
click for more info AT-301 1 Pratt & Whitney 600 HP 115 Knots 1200 Litres 
click for more info M-18 Dromader  3 Honeywell (Garrett)  746 KW 125 Knots 3000 Litres
click for more info AT-602*   Pratt & Whitney 1050 HP 135 Knots 2260 Litres
click for more info AT-502*   Pratt & Whitney HP 120 Knots 1890 Litres
click for more info Cessna 180 1 Continental 260 HP 135 Knots 4 Seats
click for more info Cessna 210 2 Continental 300 HP 160 Knots 6 Seats
Our agricultural aircraft are all equipped with GPS satellite tracing and data-logging systems. *Seasonal lease aircraft


Aircraft Loading Facilities
Jones Air has constructed loading facilities in strategic positions in the St George and Dirranbandi district to give the most efficient and economical coverage of the area.

Kia-Ora Airstrip -- St George
This loading facility was established in 1999 in response to increased cotton spraying requirements in the St George district. The bitumen runway, large loading pad accommodating two aircraft, and bulk chemical storage ensure that service to the farmers is optimal at all times. The farms serviced by the Kia-Ora strip are those mainly to the west of the Balonne River.

Zagazig Airstrip -- South-East of St George
Our newest airstrip, to the South-East of St George, was completed in time for the 2001 cotton season. The design is based on the very successful Kia Ora airstrip built two seasons earlier. Zagazig Airstrip is equipped with the most advanced loading equipment available. Farms serviced by this strip are primarily the channel-irrigated farms to the South-East of St George.

Many of our clients have asked why the farm and airstrip is called "Zagazig". It is named after a cotton growing area in Egypt where Peter Jones worked for a season. This area is renowned for growing some of the best cotton in the world.

Trafalgar Airstrip -- Dirranbandi
This strip fulfils the aerial spraying requirements of the majority of cotton farms in Dirranbandi, including Cubbie Station, Booligar, Hooloovale and Trafalgar.

In addition to these strips, we operate from "satellite strips" on properties throughout the area.


Jones Air employs a number of agricultural pilots year round. Extra pilots are employed on a seasonal basis as work dictates such as during the peak summer cotton season.

Pilots traditionally start their careers in the smaller aircraft such as the Cessna Agwagon, and progress through the radial engined Air Tractor up into the turbine powered Thrushes, Dromaders and AT-802. This fits in with the Jones Air philosophy of employing pilots of varying experience in order to develop the career skills of individual pilots.

The aircraft are fuelled and loaded with chemical by Ground Crew or 'Mixers'. Mixers are generally employed on a seasonal basis however we do employ core Ground Crew all year round. Due to the importance of this job, as well as the transient nature of most of these employees, an emphasis is placed on training. Over the past few years we have developed detailed training programs, which have proven to be successful.

Interested in a career in Agricultural Aviation? - Contact our office on telephone 07 4625 5366 or check out the AAAA website (see our links page).


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